Unique places
for lovers of outdoor activities
In addition to the active types of relaxation that our hotel offers, there have numerous individual relaxation programs at your request in an authentic corner of the globe - in Sri Lanka.
В коктейльной карте Вы найдете изысканные вина из различных уголков нашей планеты, современные коктейли, легкий и крепкий алкоголь, представленный, в частности, красным шри-ланкийским ромом.

За ужином, погрузившись в атмосферу уюта, заботливо созданную персоналом ресторана, можно насладиться шедеврами классики мирового кино.
Лаунж бар специально расположен на втором этаже ресторана, чтобы сделать просмотр фильмов максимально комфортным. Мягкие кресла, диваны и бин-бэги создают комфорт домашнего кинотеатра.

  • Visit the town of Tangalle (near which our hotel is located)
The place is distinguished by the most beautiful beaches of the south of the island. Here you can simply swim and go scuba diving. The town has preserved several buildings built during the time of the Dutch East India Company: the courthouse, the judge residence, an old hotel and a fort. Hurry up to watch the unique architectural heritage!

  • Visit the first safari park in Sri Lanka - Ridiyagama (an hour's drive from the hotel)
Opened in 2016, the park covers the area of 200 hectares and is divided into six zones: two for predators (tigers, lions, leopards), four for herbivores (elephants, giraffes, hippos, camels, zebras, etc.).

  • Visit the Old Dutch fort in Galle (1.5 hours drive from the hotel)
The Fort built in between 1584–1684, and its architectural highlight is the lighthouse, is the oldest on the island and is included into the UNESCO heritage list.

  • Watch whales and dolphins near the town of Mirissa (1.5 hours drive from the hotel)
Ships depart from the port of Mirissa in search of dolphins and whales. You should book a tour in advance or arrive at the pier by 7 a.m. Please inform your Mandala Villas manager about this tour in advance.

  • Visit the town of Ella ((2.5 hours drive)
Ella is famous for its location and is surrounded by mountains, covered in rainforests and tea plantations; there you can climb the small Adam's Peak, from the top of which stunning views open up. From Ella you can take the famous Blue Train to the highest mountain resort of Nuwara Eliya.

  • See the ancient cave temple of Mulkirigala (40 minutes from the hotel)
The complex of caves is located at an altitude of up to 270 m. Inside there are several statues of Buddha, pagodas, and the walls of the caves are painted with frescoes.

  • Visit the Yala National Park ((Southeast Sri Lanka, 1.5 hours drive from the hotel)
The peculiarity of the park is a unique landscape with forests, savannahs and small lakes.
This is the natural habitat of elephants, buffalos, crocodiles, monkeys, leopards and many other animals.

  • Try surfing at the Hiriketiya Beach (40 minutes from the hotel)
There are ideal conditions for classes here: a shallow beach, small waves, rental boards, beach cafes.
You can also surf under the guidance of an instructor.

  • The city of Matara
Climb onto the highest lighthouse in Sri Lanka - Dondra (an hour away). This is the southernmost point of the island. The height of the lighthouse is 49 meters or 196 steps. The lighthouse was built during the British in 1889 and is an octagonal pyramid.

  • Visit the Udawalawe National Park (travel time from the hotel - 1 hour 10 minutes)
Located on the border of the dry and wet zones of the island, the park attracts tourists from all over the world. Jeep safari allows you to see all kinds of butterflies, birds and lizards. Buffaloes, sika deer, wild boars and jackals are the main inhabitants of this protected area.
You will not find a better place to watch wild Asian elephants than Udawalawe National Park.

  • Turtles Watch ( A distance of about 3 kilometers along the beach can be covered in 30 minutes)
Rekawa is a place where you can watch turtles in their natural habitat. Reptiles go ashore to lay eggs and return back to sea. The best time to visit is late evening. The place can be reached by foot.

What sights of the island to visit, you decide. We will be happy to help you to see all this and many other unique corners of the paradise island!
So, where is it worth to visit the island?
The country is so unique in its natural landscapes and cultural attractions that holidays may not even be enough to see only a small fraction.

And we will be glad if you come back to visit us again!
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