Leisure at the Mandala Villas
Our guests dream not only to soak up the sun, swim in the turquoise waves of the ocean and our azure pool, but also to get completely new emotions,
try unexpected types of activities and expand their geographic horizons by visiting unusual sights
of the Deep South of Sri Lanka.
So many guests so many personal preferences in relaxation.
There is nothing easier for us to arrange your vacation exactly
as you dream - just let us know about your wishes.

The Mandala Villas team will surely surprise you!
В коктейльной карте Вы найдете изысканные вина из различных уголков нашей планеты, современные коктейли, легкий и крепкий алкоголь, представленный, в частности, красным шри-ланкийским ромом.

За ужином, погрузившись в атмосферу уюта, заботливо созданную персоналом ресторана, можно насладиться шедеврами классики мирового кино.
Лаунж бар специально расположен на втором этаже ресторана, чтобы сделать просмотр фильмов максимально комфортным. Мягкие кресла, диваны и бин-бэги создают комфорт домашнего кинотеатра.

  • Beach volleyball

  • Sea fishing on exotic fish

  • Walks along the protected lagoon
Acquaintance with the unique flora and fauna of the island.
Rekawa Lagoon has several canals, the banks of which are surrounded by mangroves, where many species of tropical animals and birds live.

  • Bike rental
Exploring the picturesque surroundings that are unique even for Sri Lanka itself is endless positive emotions, a charge of vivacity, excellent well-being and new knowledge.Monkeys, monitor lizards, peacocks, paradise birds are just a few inhabitants of the jungle that you will meet in the immediate vicinity.

  • Classic of the world cinema
After sunset, you can relax on the sofas or big bags on the upper floor of the hotel, order a hookah, drinks or a personal dinner to the sounds of the waves and the breath of an evening refreshing breeze.
In the hotel we offer you several types of outdoor activities:
And tha's not all! Our partners offer unique types of relaxation outside the hotel. We are convinced that you will definitely find an adventure to your liking! Just let us know about your plans and dreams!
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